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We’re a tribe of flavor-loving fanatics on a mission to make simple, healthy snacks that taste anything but simple. Thanasi Foods™ is a privately-held, family-owned snack food manufacturer based out of Boulder, CO. Both award-winning BIGS® and DUKE’S® brands can be found in retail locations nationally.


DUKE’S® is one of the fastest growing meat snack brands in America today. Why? We freshly craft our meats using real whole, ingredients – not just dried spices. We hand select 100% grass-fed beef and fresh, never frozen pork and chicken. Our meats are smoked using real hardwoods, never liquid smoke, and we do everything in small, limited-size batches. It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but it’s worth it.

BIGS® Seeds Co. is the undeniable flavor leader in seed snacks. We start with the highest quality jumbo seeds grown from U.S. soil. Then we fire roast them to a perfect kernel crunch and season them with the biggest, boldest flavors we can find. Simply put: At BIGS, we do flavor Bigger.

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We are actively looking to grow our team and further build our business through qualified people who understand how to transform great ideas into mass consumption opportunities for our customers. To tell us about yourself, please submit your resume and meaningful cover letter to: careers@thanasifoods.com. Thank you.

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