BIGS® Sunflower Seeds and the Greatest Ballhawk of All-time Go For an Amazing Baseball Record to Benefit Charity

BOULDER, CO (March 29, 2013) – Most baseball fans dream of snagging a foul ball when they head to the ballpark. Other fans have aspirations to visit every major league stadium over the course of their lifetime. BIGS® Sunflower Seeds has teamed up with bestselling baseball author and record-setting baseball collector Zack Hample to combine these two fantasies to raise money for Pitch In For Baseball.

In the BIGS Baseball Adventure, Hample, who has collected more than 6,400 baseballs during batting practice and live games, will attempt to snag a game-used baseball from all 30 big league stadiums during the 2013 regular season — a challenge that has never been achieved or even considered by hobby experts. For every stadium where he succeeds, BIGS® Sunflower Seeds will donate $500 to the charity Pitch In For Baseball. Hample and BIGS® will also be teaming up on additional fundraising efforts to benefit this charity throughout the season.

According to, Hample has collected more big league baseballs than anyone and is quite possibly the only person in the world that could be up to the challenge. “Collecting baseballs has been my passion since I was a little kid, and I’m really excited to partner with BIGS® Sunflower Seeds to try to set these records and raise money for a great charity,” said Hample. “The challenge of snagging game-used baseballs at all these stadiums is insane, but I’m up for it. Bring it on.”

BIGS® Sunflower Seeds’ President Justin Havlick, who is never one to do anything small himself, believes Zack will have a record-breaking summer. “Zack’s passions and values are a perfect match for BIGS®. Everything he does, he does in a big way and has a great time doing it. His chase for this record will make the 2013 baseball season one to remember, and we’re proud to fuel the big experience.”

Baseball fans can follow Zack’s BIGS Baseball Adventure all season via a variety of social media platforms.  See more about BIGS at