One Million BIGS Sunflower Seeds Are On The Line For The Biggest College Basketball Upset Of All-Time

“BIGS 16 Seed Guarantee” earns college students up to $40,000 in free BIGS Sunflower Seeds

College basketball champion Ed Pinckney and BIGS prepared for the big upset

BOULDER, CO (MARCH 1, 2014) – At this time of year, college basketball is all about the seeds. That’s why BIGS Sunflower Seeds and former college and pro basketball star Ed Pinckney are joining forces to support the #16 seeds with the BIGS 16 Seed Guarantee. If a #16 seeded team in the 2014 men’s college basketball tournament defeats a #1 seed, BIGS will award a free bag of sunflower seeds to each of the students at the winning school.

“When the big upset happens, we’ll pack up our BIGS truck and hit the road straight for the campus of the winning #16 seed and celebrate the win together,” said Justin Havlick, one of the BIGS Brothers. “And, if magically more than one #16 seed upsets a top seed this year, we’ll double the offer and celebrate with both schools.”

Since the men’s annual college basketball tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985 and its current 68-team format, #1 seeds hold a 108-0 record against #16 seeds. Several longshots have come close to pulling the big upset, including twice in 1989, as Princeton fell by just one point to Georgetown and East Tennessee State blew a 17-point lead before losing 72-71 to top seeded Oklahoma. Remarkably, #2 seeds have defeated #15 seeds seven times since 1985 including three times in the past two years.

Before the start of the tourney, BIGS Seeds is also asking basketball fans to tell them which #16 seed they think has the best chance to pull the upset this year and to also name biggest upsets in college basketball history. Fans can vote on Facebook (, the BIGS website ( and via Twitter ( All voters are entered into a drawing for free bags of BIGS seeds.

“The past two years we have seen a #15 seed win three first round game, so I do believe the time has come for a #16 seed to break the streak,” said Pinckney, a member of the 1985 Villanova Wildcats team, a #8 seed that upset Georgetown to become the lowest seed to ever win the championship. “This is a magical time of year for college basketball and as I have experienced first-hand, it’s the Cinderella stories that capture the attention of fans. If it happens this year, I look forward to helping BIGS celebrate this monumental moment.”